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Shoaff Park Launch Site
Summer 2022

We need a launch site.

G2Rowing and Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation are partnering to build a launch and boat facility in Shoaff Park.


This will enable us to store our boats and equipment in a secured location and have a centralized place to launch our boats for practice and competition.



We are currently raising a total of $100,000, with the help of a $50,000 match from AWS, to install this facility and be ready for new programs in the summer of 2021.

Shoaff Boat Storage Sketch.jpeg


Your support to G2 Rowing helps us support our athletes, programs and facilities. Your donations provide critical financial support, over and above club dues and program fees, for scholarships, rowing operations and club activities. These contributions also enable G2 Rowing to make the investments in its fleet, equipment, and infrastructure which are necessary to provide the finest rowing experience possible.

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Our Long-Term Vision

Our long-term plan is to build a Community Rowing Center on the St. Joe River in Fort Wayne. This proposed Rowing Center will enable G2RA to completely support and expand the current Adaptive and Junior rowing programs while giving us the ability to fully realize our budding Masters and Cancer Therapy programs in addition to developing a competitive Collegiate Rowing program.  

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